About me

About my person

My name is Benjamin Wolf. Born in the year of 1979 and raised during a time of great technological development. Maybe this is why I learned how to embrace the New without forgetting where it all began.

My career

It all began around the year 2000 with a  Canon Digital Ixus, a camera as big as a pack of cigarettes.


After that, I entered the world of digital reflex cameras and the APS-C sized sensors with a Canon EOS 300D followed by the EOS 400D. For some reason I kind of lost contact to my photographic view of the world for some time afterwards, but you should not underestimate that you can take quite nice pictures with smartphones.


Finally in the year 2015, a photographer and friend of mine made my aware of Photography again. At first I entered the mirrorless world with a MFT sensor using Panasonic Lumix G7 with interchangeable lenses and a compact LX100 for lightweight travelling.


Nowadays I use an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. Panasonic does produce good cameras, but their focus is more on the Videographic (4K) side. Because I am more interested in taking pictures instead of taking films the change to Olympus seemed to be a good investment to me. Particularly as the E-M5 Mark II is weather-sealed, the body as well as the lenses, something that Panasonic is just starting to establish in their productportfolio since 2016.